Learning in a Digital Culture

My First Week in the Digital Cult

By AuntFun


My first visit on the Tour of Second Life was the Ivory Tower.  It was FULL of information.  It required some focused time of reading.  I long for uninterrupted time when I can just read.  I think there is a fantastic opportunity here to deliver tutorial content using a game or interactive rather than just reading.  Yes, I was creating objects along the way as indicated on the notecards, but at the end of the day, it was still just reading.  I could have had a text book instead.


The Tiki Bar was next.  Just for a break and it was good to be back and wiggle my toes in the sand.


At Yadni’s Junkyard, I helped a German speaking woman find a free sexy walk “How I go”.  It made me a little sad that I turned down that babbler someone tried to give me a few days ago. I loaded up my inventory with a ton of stuff I wonder when I will have time to go through.


Next was the SL Campus.  I found some neat stuff, including parts of plants and a center for global communication, but I did not find the planetarium.  I searched for and found a different “planetarium”, but it wasn’t what I expected.  More fantasy stuff.  I ended up at the

Museum.  This was very interesting!  I got to see the current positions of all the major satellites.  Now if I could find that Northern Lights predictor…


I visited the rainforest and climbed the pyramid that reminded me an awful lot of the pyramids I have climbed in Mexico.  But it wasn’t nearly as slipery, humid and hot.  SL might be fun, but it is no substitute for real life!


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